He Lāhui Kūʻokoʻa Koʻu

We must never forget what happened to our Hawaiian kingdom on January 17, 1893. We must always remember our Queen, who thought about the safety and well-being of her people before herself. We must honor those who continue to fight to correct the injustices that our lāhui has dealt with for years. We must fight for a better Hawai’i for our children and the many generations that will follow.

As we continue through these unprecedented times, let us start thinking about the future and the well-being of our lāhui. Let us educate our people about self-advocacy and self-sustainability in order to achieve self-independence. Let us move away from promoting Hawai’i for tourism purposes and start honoring the rich culture and heritage of our people. Let us strive forward together so that we can one day proclaim - “HE LĀHUI KŪ’OKO’A KO’U!”(Mine is a nation of independence!)

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